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Cluster Design Standards

Cluster Color Standards

Most exterior changes to homes in Reston including paint colors, storm doors, windows and light fixtures, must be done in accordance with standards established by Reston Association, with input from the Cluster. Cluster guidelines can be found in the disclosure packet each homeowner received when purchasing their home. Please check the guidelines before making any exterior changes. Reston Association conducts inspections from time to time and can require replacement of any changes that do not meet guidelines and can levy fines for noncompliance.

From the Carriage Gate Cluster Association Rules and Regulations:

Reston Association covenants will be strictly enforced by the Carriage Gate Board of Directors. Applications for all exterior changes outlined in the Carriage Gate Cluster Association Architectural Standards document must be made to the RA Design Review Board. Copies of all applications must be submitted to the Cluster Board as well. Following is a partial list of projects requiring approval:

Attic Ventilators
Doors (including storm doors and windows)
Exterior Colors (changes to door, trim, siding, etc. colors)
Exterior Light Fixtures Skylights

You can get more information by referring to the Reston Cluster Property Guidelines

Addendum: In November 2004, The Design Review Board approved alternate standards for exterior lights, windows, and doors for the Carriage Gate Cluster in a letter to Mark Steppel. Janet Bolton of the Reston Association sent the Board the standards for replacement windows and patio doors for the Carriage Gate cluster.

Addendum: As of May 2006, in accordance with the new Reston Association Governing Documents, Section III.6(d)(4)(iii)), a Carriage Gate Cluster Officer (President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer) must sign DRB applications of homeowners in the Carriage Gate cluster. For information about contacting a Carriage Gate Cluster Officer, see the Cluster Board page.

Revisions to Siding Color Palette:

Approved revisions to the Carriage Gate cluster color palette for siding (vinyl) are as follows:


Original Siding colors Replacement Colors (Renovations)
Almond Champagne
Satin Beige Wheat (not Tan)
Clay Beige Tumbleweed (not Clay)
Antique Bronze Saddle (not Tumbleweed)
Cameo Cream Beige


The Board [RA Design Review Board] notes that all trim must remain wood with the dimensions and articulation as existing and be painted in colors chosen from the current DRB approved palette.

Clarification of Deck Sealing Standards:

There are 3 choices of colors for decks and fences:

  1. Natural: no stain no seal. Also referred to as ’weathered’.
  2. Clear Seal: NO colorants. Protection only after cleaning.
  3. Behr Solid Color Cedar SC-146 or Behr Semi-Transparent Cedar ST-146.

No other colors or stains are approved at this time.