What day is scheduled for recycling pickup?

Friday mornings. Please make sure your recycling is secured in lidded cans or bins.

What materials can I recycle?

Plastic bottles and jugs, metal food and beverage cans, cartons, mixed paper, and cardboard. Keep them loose, clean, and dry – never in plastic bags. Placing unaccepted material or wet, dirty, sticky items in the bin reduces the recyclability of other material. You may leave lids and labels on containers. If you are unsure if something is recyclable in the bin, remember, “When in doubt, throw it out”. To avoid creating litter, use a lidded container. For more information on recycling in Fairfax County, go to the Recycling Right in Fairfax County Flyer.

What days are scheduled for trash pickup?

Monday and Thursday mornings. Please make sure your trash is secured in lidded trash cans or in thick contractor trash bags.

When is trash pickup if there’s a holiday?

Find out more information on our trash service’s website: Republic Services.

What if I need a key for my mailbox?

If you have any problems with your mailbox or need a replacement key, contact the local postmaster at 703-689-9794. You may also contact the maintenance chairperson: maintenance (at) carriagegatecluster.org.