The 2022 - 2023 Carriage Gate Cluster Board are:

Position Name
President Cuba Gonzalez
Vice President Nicole Anderson
Treasurer Sergio Hernandez
Secretary Jane Sarkis
Director Clotilde Mandolesi

To send e-mail to all board members, write to board (at)

Information about Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets at their discretion to transact Cluster business. Each meeting is divided into an open segment and a closed segment. Property owners are welcome at the open segments.

However, participation will be limited to those Members who have submitted agenda items according to the following procedures:

  • Prior to a board meeting, submit a written letter to the board president stating the problem or area of concern and requesting a certain length of time to discuss the issue; or
  • Prior to a board meeting, contact a board member and verbally comply with the intent of a written request.

Closed segments, when needed, are used to discuss and deal with matters involving specific properties and homeowners where privacy might be an issue.

Other items to note about board meetings:

  • All meetings require at least 3 board members (a quorum) of our 5 board members.
  • The Chair will open the meeting at his discretion. Minutes are taken, but only material information will be recorded. Minutes are not a transcript of the meeting, just a summary of the major points, in the order they were discussed (motions, votes, any public offers, etc).
  • Member comments are taken from those that have submitted agenda items in advance to the board.
  • The board may then comment or ask questions. There is no requirement for comments. However, the board may request clarification regarding viewpoints on the subject at hand, subject to the Chair’s willingness to permit such comments or questions.
  • The board can then discuss issues that are not specific to individual residents.
  • The board may elect at any time to go into executive session. During executive session all non-board members will be asked to leave the meeting.
  • If the board goes into executive session, only discussions of the how a specific situation applies to the rules and processes discussed in open session. No notes are entered into the overall meeting’s minutes.
  • Once the board comes out of executive session, all other attendees are invited to return (if they choose).
  • The board then gives a summary of its conclusions from executive session (a decision, if there is one, or a statement of a plan to get to a decision on the specific request, usually). The board does not have to go into specifics that might influence any negotiation. The board does not have to accept new comments at this point from anyone who is not a board member--member comment period was at the beginning of the meeting. The chair may request additional comments at his or her discretion.
  • A call to discuss any other business is then offered to other board members.
  • The meeting adjourns, provided the board votes to do so.